What We Do

At Big Pine Consultants LLC, we specialize in providing comprehensive environmental and archaeological consulting services. Our goal is to help our clients navigate complex regulatory environments and achieve their project goals sustainably and efficiently. Here’s a closer look at what we do:

Environmental Consulting Services

Our environmental consulting services are designed to address the diverse needs of our clients, to maintain compliance with relevant regulations while promoting sustainable practices. Our services include:

Wetland and Stream Delineation: We conduct thorough delineations of streams and wetlands within the project study area and assess the regulatory implications for your project.

Threatened and Endangered Species: We consult with federal and state agencies to identify potential impacts to rare, threatened or endangered (RTE) species or their critical habitat. After we have identified RTE species, we work with our client to identify potential alternatives to avoid and minimize impacts, thereby lowering the project costs and streamlining the permitting process.

Environmental Permitting and Planning: We review findings of various environmental studies and agency consultations to identify and review design alternatives to minimize the regulatory burdens for your project. After we complete the studies and design improvements, we prepare the required permit applications and work through the regulatory process with our clients.

Regulatory Compliance: We help clients monitor during construction to maintain compliance with permit and other regulatory requirements.

Archaeological Consulting Services

Our archaeological consulting services are tailored to help clients manage and protect cultural resources effectively while keeping their projects on schedule. Our offerings include:

Cultural Resource Management (CRM): We conduct comprehensive surveys and evaluations to identify and assess archaeological sites, ensuring that cultural resources are preserved and managed responsibly.

Section 106 Compliance: We guide clients through the Section 106 process, helping them meet the requirements of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) and coordinating with relevant agencies and stakeholders.

Mitigation Planning: We develop and implement mitigation plans to address potential impacts on archaeological sites, ensuring that projects proceed with minimal disruption to cultural resources.

Project Management

At Big Pine Consultants LLC, we understand that successful projects require effective management from start to finish. Our project management services include:

Planning and Coordination: We work closely with clients to plan and coordinate all aspects of their projects targeting objectives to be met on time and within budget.

Stakeholder Engagement: We facilitate communication and collaboration among the numerous project stakeholders to keep everyone informed and involved throughout the project lifecycle.

Risk Management: We identify potential risks and develop strategies to mitigate them, keeping projects moving forward smoothly and successfully.

Why Choose Big Pine Consultants LLC?

Expertise: Our team of professionals brings extensive knowledge and experience in environmental and archaeological consulting, ensuring that clients receive the highest quality services.

Customized Solutions: We understand that every project is unique, and we tailor our services to meet the specific needs and goals of each client.

Commitment to Sustainability: We are dedicated to promoting sustainable practices that protect the environment and cultural resources for future generations.

Proven Track Record: We have a history of successfully managing complex projects and helping clients achieve their objectives efficiently and effectively.

Get Started with Big Pine Consultants LLC

Ready to take your project to the next level with expert environmental and archaeological consulting services? Contact Big Pine Consultants LLC today to learn more about what we do and how we can help you achieve your project goals. We look forward to partnering with you on your next big challenge

What We Do

Our Services

We provide overall project management and planning using proven methods and tools.  We call on our broad relationships with other professionals in the industry to provide skillsets and support for additional services, as well.

Environmental Site Assessments

Environmental Site Assessments

Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) are integral to all land development projects.

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GIS and Mapping Services

GIS and Mapping Services

GIS and Mapping Services

The success of your project depends on receiving environmental permits in a predictable fashion and on time.

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Drone Services

Drone Services

Big Pine Consultants LLC is always working to innovate and use the latest technology to support our clients needs.

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Rare, Threatened, and Endangered Species

Rare, Threatened, and Endangered Species

Big Pine Consultants (Big Pine) provides real-world solutions to align project goals with state and federal regulatory compliance, as well as community values by teaming with other leaders in habitat and wildlife ecology.

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Archaeology and Historic Properties

Archaeology and Historic Properties

We know that artifacts and remains from our Nation’s rich heritage can influence your time-sensitive project.

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Wetland/Stream Studies and Permitting

Wetland/Stream Studies and Permitting

Balancing needed development in our region with managing wetland and waterway resources is a challenge facing many permit applicants.

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Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Sampling and Identification

Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Sampling and Identification

Big Pine has biologists skilled in both sampling and identification of aquatic macroinvertebrates.

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Project Management and Planning

Project Management and Planning

The success of your project depends on receiving environmental permits in a predictable fashion and on time.

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In-House Services

  • Project Management
  • Wetland Delineation and Waterbody Identification

  • Phase I, II, and III archaeological investigations

  • Consultation regarding rare, threatened and endangered species

  • Northeastern bulrush (Scirpus ancistrochaetus) surveys in PA

  • Consultation regarding historic properties

  • Clean Water Act Section 401/404 permitting (or respective state equivalent)

  • GIS mapping and desktop routing for linear projects

  • Geological Investigations and Environmental Site Assessments

    • Phase I

    • Phase II

    • Soil sampling/Core sampling

    • Monitoring well installation

    • Groundwater sampling/low-flow groundwater sampling

    • PADEP Act II Site Investigations

    • Stray gas sampling and mitigation

    • Vapor Intrusion

    • Geotechnical investigations

    • Geohazard investigations

  • Drone Services, FAA Part 107 Licensed and Insured*

    • Aerial Orthoimagery

    • Plant Health Maps

    • Contour Maps

    • 3D Models

    • Point Clouds (.LAS files)

    • Real Estate Photography

    • Videography for Bridge Inspections

  • Environmental field routing walks
  • Line list preparation and tracking

  • Permit tracking table preparation and updates

  • Conference call coordination and project updates

  • Scheduling / Gantt chart updates

  • Budget tracking

  • Landowner requests for permission to survey

  • Field routing reviews for environmental features

  • Macroinvertebrate surveys in streams, lakes, and ponds (where permitted)

  • Fish sampling in streams, lakes, and ponds (where permitted)

  • Water quality sampling (various chemistry parameters)

  • NEPA documentation, including FERC prior notices and simple 7c filings

  • Public outreach support

  • Government relations support

  • Public / open-house meeting preparation and support

  • Current deed searches and coordination with abstractors for full title

  • Appraisal coordination with local appraisers

  • Easement document preparation and coordination of legal reviews

  • Easement negotiation and coordination to close with landowners

  • Easement recording

  • Landowner notifications during planning and construction


Additional services with teaming arrangements

    • Various rare, threatened, and endangered species surveys

    • Historic architecture reviews

    • Civil Survey

    • Construction Alignment Sheets

    • Easement Exhibit / Plat preparation

    • As-built survey

    • Air Quality Permitting
    • Civil and Environmental Engineering
      • Roadway Permitting (utility and drives)
      • Erosion and Sediment Control Plans
      • Stormwater / NPDES
      • Grading
      • Traffic Control Plans
    • Title Abstracting

    • Property Appraisals

    • FERC Environmental Reports

    • Horizontal Directional Drill plans and details

    • Underground utility locating

    • Easement encroachment agreements

    • Environmental monitoring during construction

    • Utility inspection

    • Pipeline engineering

The lists above are not all-inclusive.  Additional services may be available in addition to those described above.  As Big Pine Consultants LLC grows, our in-house services will expand, as well.  If you have a challenging project and are looking for direction or support, please give us a call!  We’re here to help!

* Big Pine Consultants LLC is not currently licensed to provide survey services and does not currently employ a licensed surveyor. Although Big Pine can incorporate the use of ground controls into workflows to improve accuracy, the drone services provided by Big Pine Consultants LLC are not “survey grade” and cannot be relied upon for legal, engineering, or surveying. If the data is to be used for these purposes, Big Pine Consultants LLC will contract with a state licensed surveyor to provide data for such uses. Please notify Big Pine Consultants LLC of the planned uses of data when requesting drone services.

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